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I’d say that project mixes two of the most important things I’ve encountered in my whole life: rap music and education. For those of you who already read a bit about my previous Deepdives project this is basically the personal spinoff I made from it. For the others, let’s meet below.


Side project 🚧
November 2017 - …

Inside out

(ce que je veux faire depuis le début) What feels more natural than trying to replicate something we already made in the past for others? Since high school I’ve been pouring the cultural references I got from rap music I was listening to into my essays at school. I found it fun and unexpected. Surprisingly teachers seemed to love that. I was using concepts my friends haven’t even heard of at the time.

Serendipity made me enter into some kind virtuous circle where I was getting relevant information from a hobby of mine.

Rap music is the most listened music in 2108 and in France is often associated with difficult social backgrounds. Now I want everyone who listens to rap music to know that their are sitting on top of an infinite unexploited source of knowledge that could, if exploited in the right way, make them go into a totally unexpected and awesome professional path.

Redbull gives you wings


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