Product Manager @Heetch


Permanent contract ๐Ÿšง
January 2018 -

Started from the bottom…

Heetch is one of Uber’s French competitor. Basically the app offers a more social and fun experience than what Uber can offer with a very premium, high end service.

I joined in January 2018 as a Junior Ride Product Manager with Walid Ellec as a mentor. During those first months I shipped my first user facing features and started getting ahead of what being a PM meant. Working with designers, developers, operations in order to understand our user’s painpoints, find the most valuable solution, build it and deliver it asap.

At the time the features I shipped where really minor so I could be fully autonomous in the whole process without having to be micromanaged.

… Now we’re here

Four months after I joined I was asked to replace one of Heetch’s first PM who was leaving. That would of course imply starting from scratch on my subjects (product knowledge, team fit, product vision…). In less than a month I was Driver Growth Product Manager after a guy who launched his own startup and has been working there for 2 years. What at time to be alive!

Of course I was not alone and had the chance to have CPO Mathieu Jacob (Heetchโ€™s CPO) around. From there I was in charge of my own squad handling everything related to driver acquisition and driver engagement on the platform. During the 9 months of insane and amazing team work that followed this new position I had the opportunity to work on meaningful subjects such as

  • a complete revamp of the signup/login experience. Moving from Facebook-based authentification to a fully custom phone based one
  • a driver rewards program that was intented to clean our marketplace through driver incentives
  • driver online/offline mode switch UX
  • a ton of small snack projects that would either send some free love to our users or simply help our operations team run better

Takeaways ๐ŸŽ

  • All fires don’t need to be put out NOW! Some fires can keep burning while you’re fighting the most important ones. Product solutions are not the best and as a PM you can rely on your ops team to come up with a great temporary solution

  • The best PM is no PM! Quit your FOMO and focus on sharing your knowledge and reflexion with your stakeholders (design, devs, ops…) rather than trying to get every decision to run by you.

  • Users don’t know they know! This could come as Design 101 class but users are the best source of feedbacks you could hope for. Either running through direct interviews or asking the care teams you’ll get plenty of feedbacks and feature ideas. But remember that all those issues are often short-term focus and that you’re trying to build a real product vision. Processing the feedback will let you get to the core of the issue and come up with a really valuable solution rather than a quick fix you’ll regret the day after you ship it.

  • Remote is great, but costs a lot!


Apart from the more classic learnings I got from this experience I would like to thank the incredible people I had the opportunity to work with during my time @Heetch.

Walid Ellec, Nordine Slimani, Julien Pelletier, Mathieu Jacob, Juan Gonzalez, Alex Kirwan, Fabiano Bernardo and all those I can’t mention here or you would get mad at me for mentionning 50 random name you don’t give a crap about ๐Ÿค—